What’s in a Name?

So we are struggling.  Struggling to decide on a name for our little Peanut.

I’m not going to go into our decision to give her a new American name and not keep her Chinese name.  But the reasons are many (one of which is that most Americans can’t pronounce it correctly).  So we are on the hunt for the perfect name.

You see, I have these rules that I want the name to fit into.  We still have our original name that we had if the boys had turned out to be a girl.  It is Norah.  With an h?  Without an h?  I can’t decide.  But it doesn’t fit my rules.

These two didn’t turn out to be Norah’s after all

What are my rules?


It needs to be a last name/surname that can be used as a first name. (i.e. Owen, Anderson, and Quinn)

This Butler dress is the very first thing I bought for Quinn before we even knew who she was


It needs to end in an “n” or “n” sound. (i.e. Shane,  Megan, Owen, Anderson, and Quinn)


It needs to start with a first letter OTHER THAN “S”,”M”, “O”, “A”, or “Q”.  (I frequently label things with our first initial, so no duplicates)

That’s it!  Easy peasy, right???  Well, we are having a hard time.  There are some names we like but have ruled out.  For example I like Emerson but it’s too close to Anderson.  Rowen (part of her Chinese name is Wen) it too close to Owen…

There are currently a couple of front runners but no clear winner yet.  We want the name to be perfect.  And then there is the issue of a middle name.  Gah!

I thought it would be fun to document my crazy baby name rules so we can look back in the future.

If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.  Sound off in the comments!

One last note.  If you are interested in helping us bring Peanut home, feel free to do your Amazon shopping through our blog affiliate link.  It costs you no additional charge and we will earn a small portion of your purchase in commission.  All earnings will go into our adoption fund to bring Peanut home.  Thank you for supporting our family!

To start your Amazon shopping, click here.

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Here’s a peek at our last week…

Need to make a (relatively) uninterrupted phone call? Little Einsteins for the win!

True love means surprising you with your favorite food for Valentines Day.

Walking into the house from school…”Mom, today was the longest school day everrrr. Ask me why.” “Why?” “A couple of weeks ago we had to take this test, and if you did well you had take a test today that lasted alllll daaaaay loooong. Why didn’t they tell us that? I would have just answered everything wrong the first time.”
Oh boy.

An intense game of pre-bedtime Jenga.

70+ degrees on February 17th!!!!!!

Second generation girlfriends.

Future Bulldogs.

From three college roommates to a group of thirteen! Loved cheering for a Butler win today with this crew.

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Friday Favorites

I’m excited it’s finally Friday!  This week has felt looong.

Now on to favorites…

Valentine’s dinner with friends

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we called up the sitter and met friends out at a new restaurant in town called Portage House.  We all loved it and the food and atmosphere was great.  If you go, make sure you get the broccoli appetizer.  It doesn’t sound that remarkable, but it was delicious.  We can’t wait to go back when the weather warms up so we can eat out on the patio overlooking the river.

It’s rare that I get to put on my fun fuchsia heels for an evening out.  These are a few years old, but these are incredibly similar and super comfy for a heel.  (Check out everything else I wore this week on Wednesday’s What  I (Really) Wore post.)

After dinner we had hoped to go to Breakout Louisville, but they were all sold out.  We were trying to come up with a place to all play some games, but everyone’s homes were filled with kids and babysitters.  Then I remembered my parents were out of town, so we decided to crash their house.  Now they can say they went out of town and their 37 year old daughter threw a party.  Ha!  We were are such a wild group.  Graeter’s Ice Cream and the games Loaded Questions and Boxers Or Briefs.

No more arm brace!!!

On Valentine’s morning we were back at the orthopedic surgeon for a follow-up visit for Owen’s broken arm.  Do you feel like this has been going on forever?  I know we sure do!  He broke it at the beginning of November!  This has been so much more involved than a typical broken bone.  More x-rays and…

We got the ok to quit wearing the brace!!!  Yay!!!!!  Such great news.  His humerus is healing well, but the large bone cyst remains.  We have surgery scheduled to fix the cyst in April.  Please pray for a safe and easy procedure and recovery.

Class V-day parties

I loved helping the kindergartners in Anderson’s class make love bugs and guess the number of candies in a jar.  This is my favorite love bug right here.

Later it was second grade and this handsome guy’s turn.

Pi-tee nails

Quinn has a new obsession with having her nails painted.  She sits so patiently while I paint them and as they dry.  Then she will show everyone her “pi-tee” nails.  This time she chose Essie’s Cute as a Button.  This color is nice on me, but is extra “pi-tee” with her skin tone.  I have been digging this color this week instead.

That’s it for this week.  We have plans to get together with dear college friends this weekend.  We can’t wait to catch up with some of our favorite people while cheering on our Butler Bulldogs.

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What I (Really) Wore

I’m back with another installment of What I (Really) Wore.  A real life look back at what I wore this past week.

jacket (girls sizing-similar)/tank (similar)/pants/shoes

top/jeans (in sold out tuxedo stripe color)/flats

I ordered these jeans after finding out they were a 27″ inseam (so hard to find!).  I loved the length and the tuxedo stripe down the side, but after wearing them around the house a bit I decided they were a bit tight in the waist.  So back to Nordstrom they go.  It is of note, that the same size in the black (worn twice later in the week) fit perfectly.


top/jeans/pumps (Nordstrom is no longer carrying my brand which is a shame because they are super comfortable for a heel)/earrings/handbag

A kid-free dinner out with friends calls for fun shoes!

top/tank/jeans/booties/necklace (similar)

tee/cardigan/LLR leggings/shoes

I wore this outfit for a day at home full of laundry, cleaning and other chores.  When I picked up Quinn from school she was very confused by my very lavender legs.  Ha!

sweater (similar)/jeans/booties/earrings

On Valentine’s Day red is a must!

The take-away this week for anyone under 5′.  Those Treasure and Bond jeans are great!  They are the perfect length.  No tucking under (like most of my jeans), no hemming, no cuffing.  Yay!

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Show and Tell Tuesday: My Loves

In honor of Valentine’s day I am linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday for a quick blog introduction of my loves.

The Hubby

We first met during our senior year in high school when we were each visiting Butler for a college visit but it wasn’t until our freshman year of college when my girlfriends and I began to harass the shy boy in our physics class.  After many non-date dates we officially went on our first date on April 23, 1999.  Five years and one day later we were married.  Now after almost 13 years of marriage and 3 (almost 4-yikes!) kids, I still love to spend my days harassing that boy.

Shane is the calm to my storm, can make all of my home improvement project ideas a reality, loves to scour the internet for a random deal, and can read a mean bedtime story.  When I met that random boy sitting on a bunk as a senior in high school I had no idea twenty years later he would still be the man of my dreams.

I love you babe!

The Firstborn

The one who made us a family and made me a mom.  Looking at Owen, is not just like looking into a mirror.  It’s like looking into a magnifying glass.  He has all of my personality traits and quirks and takes them to a whole new level.

His love of cars has been going strong since he could first pick up a toy.  Whether it is building a Hot Wheels track or walking around a classic car show, this boy is in love with all things car related.  Lately he constantly has a book in his hand and his love of reading makes me so proud.

The Middle Child

If I had to describe Anderson in one word it would be delightful.  This boy is an absolute joy to be around.  He is funny, sweet and helpful.  He also has the most incredible competitive spirit and can turn any task into a race.

He would be happy to spend his days on his bike or scooter and loves to play outside.  We are so enjoying watching him evolve into a big kid.

The Princess

In the last 20 months we have watched this little gal go from a scared and shut down toddler to a headstrong little firecracker.  She is independent, and stubborn and while these personality traits can make parenting difficult, they are going to serve her well as an adult.  This little lady is going to be unstoppable.

She loves all things girly and her current obsessions include lipstick and nail polish.  She is by far my biggest animal lover and I have no doubt she will one day team up with her brother to try to talk her mama into getting a dog.  Spoiler alert: not happening 😉

After 7 years of being a boy mom, she brought some sparkle to the team.  I am so thankful I get to be her mom.

The Peanut

And even though we have yet to meet, this list would not be complete without our little Peanut.

While we can’t yet list her likes or dislikes, she already has a part of our hearts.  It will be months until we get to hold her in our arms, yet we have no doubt that God has chosen us to be a family.

We look forward to completing our six pack.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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A quick look at our past week thru #everydayelsbury2017…

I was given this little “gift bag” when I picked up my online grocery order today. Stress vitamins, anti-aging skin care, chocolate and laundry detergent. I’m not sure if I should be offended that they think I’m a stressed out old mom or impressed that they know my life.

We are excited to share that our family will be growing through adoption again!

3 kids and 78 Valentines later we are all feeling a bit crazy eyed. #cheapstoreboughtvalentinesforthewin#becausekidsdontcareaboutfancypinterestones

If you’ve ever heard the story of how Shane and I started dating you know that it started by going on what we called “non-date dates”. So when reading a book this morning I came across this part and had to laugh. Then take a screen shot to send to him.

Mom and dad were out of town so we crashed their house for game night after dinner. Our homes were all filled with kids and babysitters.

Tomato Bisque=1 White Shirt=0

Feel free to follow along on Instagram.  Until next time!

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Friday Favorites and What I (Really) Wore

It’s the end of another week so that means it’s time for another round of Friday Favorites.

1. We are adopting again!

Earlier this week we shared that our family is growing again through adoption.  If you missed it, you can check out the details here. We are so thankful for all of the comments, texts, calls and kind words.  We are so fortunate to have a tribe cheering us on as we work hard to bring our new little gal home.

2. Super Bowl

Last weekend we hosted our annual Super Bowl party.  And while we were not so happy about the outcome (we are Indianapolis Colts fans in this house), we loved spending the evening with friends.

Before the game the boys asked me to draw “that black paint under our eyes like the real football players”.  My favorite liquid eye liner to the rescue!

We typically have chili for Super Bowl but this year decided to mix it up with Walking Tacos.  Yum!

He fought hard, but he Super Bowled until he dropped.  I found the little man passed out in the living room at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Typically I hate baby showers, bridal showers and birthday parties that are inevitably scheduled for Sunday at 2:00.  It just messes up your entire Sunday.  But the Super Bowl?  Why is it so late?  I want to start a motion to move the Super Bowl to 2pm.  It’s just too late for a Sunday night!  Anyone else with me?

3. Pineapple Poblano Guacamole

I stopped into Aldi last week and picked up this little treat on a whim.  It was surprisingly delicious.  I found myself eating way too many chips and guac.  I highly recommend!

4. Walmart grocery oops

This week when I picked up my groceries at Walmart I was given a bag that belonged to another customer on accident.  When I got home and discovered the error I called the store and was told to keep the extra items.  Kool-aid packets, mini muffins and Jiffy mix.  We don’t know the mystery family that these items were intended for, but let me tell you these are not things we typically purchase.  These boys were ecstatic about these surprising treats.   As a side note:  I am still LOVING online grocery pick-up.  I have experienced a couple of hiccups along the way but customer service has always been great to deal with and happy to make things right.  If you are interested in my comparison of Walmart vs. Kroger online grocery make sure to check it out.

5. What I (really) wore

It’s another two-for-one week this week with favorites along with what I (really) wore.

top (similar)/denim/booties


jersey (old, but consider buying a kids sized jersey if you’re on the petite side)/denim

Even if our team isn’t playing, Super Bowl calls for wearing my favorite jersey.


cardigan (similar)/tee (similar)/denim/booties

As usual I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites.

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Elsbury Party of SIX!!

For the past few weeks we’ve been keeping a secret.  We are adopting from China again!

Surprised? So are we!  But I will save that story for another day.

So without further adieu, we want to introduce you to the newest Elsbury…

She just turned 18 months old this weekend.  We are so excited and completely overwhelmed by the mountain of paperwork we need to undertake (again) to bring her home.

We are still working on deciding on a name, so for now we are calling her Peanut.  The perfect nickname name for her tiny little self.

We will likely not travel until fall to bring her home, but rest assured we are working to get to her as quickly as we can.

I can’t wait to share more, so stay tuned for more updates.  We are excited to share our journey to becoming a family of six!


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Me: “Quinn, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
Quinn: “Big!”

I was so tempted to buy this adorable lamp for my panda loving gal. But I resisted the temptation and left Target spending only nineteen dollars. I feel as if I deserve a medal for self control. (But if anyone finds the panda sheets in full size buy them for me!)

In a house where someone is constantly asking for a snack at all hours of the day, we instituted The Apple Rule. If you are hungry, you can always eat an apple. You don’t have to ask for permission. Even if we are getting ready to eat or have just finished a meal apples are fair game. Anderson takes huge advantage of our Apple rule and eats at least 3-4 apples every day. This morning he told me that eating an apple makes his loose tooth hurt. Looks like we are going to have to find another all access fruit until the tooth fairy comes. 🍎#anappleaday

Relaxing and enjoying a little facial and girl time with mom this afternoon. Thank you DudDud for the gift card and taking on Quinn duty for the afternoon! #zsalon

I spy something on my countertop that doesn’t belong.

It’s been forever since we’ve had a chance to catch up. Brunch was the perfect solution while she was passing through town. I bet you can’t tell which one of us just spent a week on the beach in Panama? #ineedtoselftan #oldfriends

 Super Bowl!

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Friday Favorites and What I (Really) Wore

Well folks, today you get a two-for-one.  It was a busy week and blogging got put on the back burner.  So today you get what I really wore plus a few favorites all rolled into one!

Let’s start with what I (really) wore.  If you are just joining us here, in 2017 I am trying to snap a quick pic of what I wore each day.  This is true, unedited, how I live my lifestyle.  So far it’s been a fun experiment to see what I’m consistently grabbing from my closet (apparently I’m having a serious plaid shirt phase) and what is going unworn.



Gotta have my coffee.


tee/cardigan (similar)/moto jeans (mine are super old from Stitch Fix but these look similar/booties

I had to wear my China love shirt for our Chinese New Year celebration.

sweater/scarf (similar)/leggings/boots/earrings

top/sweats (similar)

Scrubs to work, then workout clothes and finally sweats for folding a ton of laundry.

top (similar)/jeans/booties

I love a chambray shirt with black jeans.  It’s the only way I feel like I can pull off denim on denim.

Now that we’ve made it thru our first portion of today’s events, it’s on to favorites!

Chinese New Year

While I have totally slacked on the home celebration for Chinese New Year (I had really great intentions that got lost in the shuffle this week!), we were lucky enough to attend a great CNY celebration with some of our local adoption friends.  We had bounce houses and slides, great food and fun crafts.  A great time was had by all.

A quick count of the kids in the photo came to 78!  That’s amazing.

Just a few of our mama crew.  I’m not sure how I could have survived this journey without them.

There is still time, so we may still break out the lanterns and silks and have our own little celebration at home.

Panda Lamp

I posted a pic this week of this lamp and how I proud I was that I walked away without it.  Well, I’m still thinking of how much Q would love that little lamp, so I may just have to make a trip back.  Target, why do you do this to me????

TV time

With the craziness of the week, there hasn’t been much time to sit and relax, but we are so excited that Scandal is back.  In fact, as soon as I’m done typing this post I plan to turn on this week’s episode.

We just finished up The Crown on Netflix.  So good!  My only complaint was that it just ended.  Nothing tied up in a tidy bow.  We were ready for the next episode and the season was finished.  When is season two???

Now that we have finished The Crown, we need a new Netflix binge.  Please comment with your recommendations!

The favorites are short, but this post is getting long.  Time to wrap this up.  Have a great weekend!!!

As usual I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea.


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