Here’s a little peek into everyday life this past week…

The toppings of a yummy dinner only to be highlighted by Anderson starting his prayer with “on your mark, get set…oops, that’s not what I meant! Dear God…” #prayersofasixyearold #padthai

Finally! A day with no rain!!!

The only photo I managed to take today was when I was leaving work at 11:49 pm. ūüėī Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

I have a fairly strict rule for myself regarding purchasing coffee from a coffee shop (other than on vacation-then it’s free reign!). I allow myself one every 6-8 weeks to enjoy while I get my hair cut/colored. Today I broke my rule and used a Christmas gift card to treated myself to a little mocha. It was the perfect treat after too little sleep and a crazy busy day. #starbucks#pleasesendcaffeine

Second grade Muffins with Mom.

Monster Jam was a huge hit!!! Thank you DudDud for a great boys night. #monsterjam #zombie

Shane’s little blue car is getting tight so today we headed to the Louisville Auto Show to check out some future options. I’m pretty sure we climbed thru a thousand different vehicles.

Looking back we had four days’ pics that involved vehicles. ¬†It looks like the theme to our week! ¬†Check back tomorrow for Show and Tell Tuesday: Steal & Splurge.

Thanks for following along!

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Friday Favorites: Pigeon Forge Edition

Thanks to MLK day it’s been a short week. ¬†Friday means time for Friday Favorites! ¬†This week’s favorites are courtesy of our short 28 hour getaway to Pigeon Forge. ¬†It was short, but we managed to really pack in the fun.

The original plan was to spend the weekend in St. Louis to celebrate Anderson turning six.  Well, the ice storm caused us to change directions and we decided at the very last minute to head to Pigeon Forge, TN instead.

We arrived to a surprising  72 degrees.  In January!!  So much better than ice!  We were ready for a day full of whatever Anderson chose!

After a quick burger for lunch (birthday boy’s choice), we hit up our first go-kart track. ¬†This car and speed loving boy LOVES go-karts. ¬†Daddy-O likes them too ūüôā

Then we hit up go-kart place number two!  Whee!!!

Owen got in on the fun as well.  Please note that mama has not yet been included in the fun (and Q was too short, but perfectly happy to watch).  Apparently there was concern that I may not be a fast enough driver.

Happy happy boys.

After two tracks, we headed over to the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster.  Finally, mama gets a turn!  This coaster far exceeded my expectations.  It was so fun and very reminiscent of riding the toboggan down the Great Wall.  But with more focus on safety.  Ha!  It was much faster and longer than expected.  It looks deceivingly slow from the ground, but you really pick up speed.

At this point we were way past naptime and she just could not understand why there is not wifi on the mountain. ¬†Poor thing REALLY wanted to watch YouTube kids. ¬†(She loves the handle on this case for carrying her “pad” around.)

Next up were these two handsome fellas. ¬†Owen declared it “the best ride ever”!

After the mountain coaster we headed to Mellow Mushroom for Anderon’s favorite. ¬†Pizza! ¬†After we had a serious dance party in the parking lot.

We finally headed to our hotel for the night. ¬†We stayed at Dollywood’s DreamMore resort. ¬†It’s a new resort that reminded us a lot of some of the places we have stayed at Disney World. ¬†They have lots of fun activities including a nightly bedtime story reading, fire pits, a playground and a great pool/splash pad. ¬†The bunk beds were a definite hit with our crew. (Tip: if your kids insist on keeping a hotel room super bright and you like it dark, I LOVE these sleep masks. ¬†My love of them started during my night-shift days and I still sleep in my “diva mask” every night.)

I loved the fun orange mirror.

And I would love to find this mirror for our basement bath.

After checking in, we headed to the indoor pool.  There was a large church group there, but still plenty of room to play and have fun.

Thankfully they provided life jackets because in the rush to pack at the last minute and leave, I forgot her’s at home.

In the morning we headed out for pancakes (a must if you are in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area) then went to check out the WonderWorks museum.

They loved the upside down building.

On the way in you walk thru this tunnel that feels like you are spinning.  We were all SO dizzy!

This was a great place for kids of all ages.  Not only were most of the activities fun for the big kids, but there were a few fun things for the littles as well.

Laying on the bed of nails was high on his priority list.

His number one request while at WonderWorks was laser tag.  Apparently the Elsbury men were awesome and Shane walked away the overall winner of everyone playing.

We then headed to The Island for a late lunch at The Bag Lady (Paula Deen’s sandwich shop). ¬†The BLT was delicious.

How can you say no when this face asks for ice cream after lunch??

We took up residence in these comfy chairs to enjoy the warm weather and watch the fountains that are choreographed to music.  Another dance party broke out.  We love to shake our booties to some good music!

The last stop was one last go-kart place. ¬†If you’re counting, that makes three! ¬†Finally he agreed to let me ride. ¬†When we were finished (we won!) he said “Mom, why didn’t you tell me you were an awesome driver? ¬†I would have gone with you earlier.” ¬†Ha! ¬†Never underestimate a mom’s go-kart skills.

After our last race it was time to load into the van and make the long drive home. ¬†I’m not going to lie. ¬†Everyone was a bit worn out and cranky during the drive. ¬†But we had so much fun celebrating our little man. ¬†As the easy-going middle child, he doesn’t often get an entire two days to get to do all of his favorite things. ¬†We loved celebrating with him. ¬†And we learned, when life gives you an ice storm…go get pancakes.

Also, thank you so much for the nice feedback on my take of social media envy and creating your own highlight reel (here).  And in case you missed it, feel free to check out #everydayelsbury2017 and What I (really) Wore from the week.

As usual I’m linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea. ¬†Until next week!



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What I (really) wore: Week 3

I’m back with what I really wore this past week. ¬†Nothing fancy, just real life living ūüôā

top (similar)/jeans/booties/earrings

cardigan (similar)/tee/leggings

Apparently, my socks didn’t match. ¬†Oops!


We decided at the last minute to go to Pigeon Forge, so I wore layers in preparation for a January day spent outdoors riding go-karts and whatever else Anderson chose. ¬†It turned out to be a beautiful 72 degrees so I was sweating all afternoon. ¬†But I’m not complaining!

top (similar)/jeans/shoes

Due to the warm weather I decided to ditch my layers this day.  A plain long sleeve tee and jeans would have to do.

cardigan/tee/sleep pants/slippers (similar)

The only pic I took on Monday was of my jammies.  I promise I had on other clothes:)

top/LLR leggings/booties

I know LuLa Roe is huge right now, but I don’t think my thighs need elephants or cupcakes displayed all over them. ¬†Although I will say that a lot of their dresses are adorable. ¬†The only LLR item I own are these black leggings and they are so soft and a great length.

It was a very casual week this week.  Owen just informed me that all of his pants are too small, so it looks like I will be doing shopping.  He is built like his mama and not easy to fit.  Wish me luck!


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Create your own highlight reel

Lately I have been seeing numerous posts/articles/statuses about women and the unrealistic picture of perfection that we hold ourselves to thanks to social media and pinterest. ¬†There is pressure to be the perfect wife/mom/professional and everyone else seems to be balancing things perfectly in the online world. ¬†I’ve seen women calling for a change. ¬†Encouraging others to show “real” pictures of their messy lives. ¬†It is impossible to compare your entire life to another’s highlight reel. ¬†I get it. ¬†I really do. ¬†But I’m also a bit tired of hearing women whine about how they cannot live up to these unrealistic expectations.

Yes, those rainbow cupcakes were from a box (Gasp!).

So what if we flipped the script? ¬†Instead of longingly scrolling thru other’s highlight reel of life, what if you create your own? ¬†I truly believe that most people do not put pieces of their lives out there to brag or to see how many “likes” they can get. ¬†I think in an age where photo albums and scrap booking have gone away, our online lives have become our way to store our memories. ¬†Our own personal highlight reel.

So instead of looking at a beautiful post of a pristine kitchen, jealous that it isn’t your reality, focus on the flowers on your own counter given to you by a friend. ¬†Maybe even take it one step further. ¬†Pull out your phone and snap a quick pic (make sure to zoom in so you crop out the sink of dirty dishes in the background). ¬†Then when you look back you will have documented that special little memory. ¬†After all, it is not the dirty dishes you want to remember.

Instead of feeling inadequate in what your life doesn’t look like, look around and appreciate what it does look like. ¬†Look for the small moments in your day that put a smile on your face. ¬†Document those. ¬†Take the reigns and make your own highlight reel. ¬†Not for others. ¬†But for yourself.

In a world full of darkness, let in the light (see what I did there? ;). ¬†Be excited for your friend and her beautifully posed family pics. ¬†Cheer on the colleague that proudly shared a photo crossing the finish line of her first marathon. ¬†Don’t let social media envy become a new form of mom shaming.

After all, her post is not really about you. ¬†And who wants to see a picture of a friend’s toddler in a full on tantrum? ¬†We all know it happens. ¬†But maybe she doesn’t want to be reminded of it each and every time she scrolls through her feed. ¬†Let our friends share their highlights and cheer them on! ¬†And remember we all have our own highlights to share too.

Linking up with Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk.

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In case you missed it, here’s a quick look at our past week…

Bachelor ready. We missed you Kelly and Katie!

She has the best belly laugh.

That’s one way to get hot toast out of the toaster.
Someone requested cupcakes for Rainbow Day.

Are we the only parents that cannot even deal with the idea of taking our children shoe shopping? Instead we order a giant box of like 10 different options so we can try them on in our own home without losing our minds. Love free shipping and free returns!!!

Our St. Louis plans were cancelled by freezing rain and icy roads. So we made a last minute decision to head to Pigeon Forge, TN instead!

Bye bye Pigeon Forge! It was a whirlwind 28 hours including lots of go karts, a mountain coaster, wonderworks, and swimming. What a great way to celebrate our big six year old!

More on our Tennessee weekend later.  Feel free to follow along with #everydayelsbury2017 on Instagram @litlblogmegan.

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What I (really) Wore: Week 2

Well, the last two days got away from me. ¬†I had all intentions to have this post yesterday and my typical Friday Favorites today, but life got in the way. ¬†Between picking up extra at work and several doctor appointments it just didn’t happen. ¬†So this week’s favorites will be what I wore this week ūüôā

blardigan | t-shirt  (I own seven of these exact black tees. I love them)| jeans | booties | China necklace

I was freezing after a long day at work so I threw on my favorite cardigan over my work t-shirt to grab some mexican food.

jacket-kids sizing (similar) | leggings | shoes

It was our first snow day of the year, but I still managed to throw on some workout clothes and get in some sweat time before bundling up to play outside in the dusting of snow.

sweater (similar) | jeans | booties

Celebrating our big six year old!

top | tank | leggings | boots (similar)

Arggggh!  Looking back, this outfit reminds me of a pirate.  Lesson learned.

Remember how I’m trying to keep it real with these posts? ¬†Well, on this day I never managed to change out of my work scrubs.

sweatshirt (similar) | leggings | rain boots

A rainy day calls for wellies.

fringe scarf (similar) | top | jeans | shoes |no-show socks

60+ degrees in January?  Time to break out the flats.

Hopefully next Friday I will be back on track with my usual favorites. ¬†We are planning for a fun weekend out of town to celebrate Anderson’s birthday. ¬†Hopefully the weather doesn’t mess up those plans. ¬†Happy weekend!

As usual I’m linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci.

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New Year’s Goals

A new year, means a new beginning. ¬†I’m not one to make typical New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to jot down a few goals of things I would like to accomplish throughout the year. ¬†I try to make my goals realistic, some simple and some more involved.

Looking back on my 2016 goals, here is how I did:

    1. Transition off of night shift into a part-time day shift role РCheck! Check! Check!  This change was huge for me in 2016!  I feel like an entirely new person.
    2. Join a women’s bible study – Check! ¬†We did¬†Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story (highly recommend) and I loved it! ¬†Not only did I learn a lot, but I met some amazing ladies in the process.

3. Invite friends over to dinner РCheck!  We used to be great at hosting friends in our home, but had gotten out of the habit since Quinn had come home.  I tried to be intentional about inviting friends over this year.  We love to open our home to others and sharing a meal with a friend is priceless.

4. Get my Indiana pharmacist license – Wanh, Wanh….Let’s be honest. ¬†This has been a new year’s goal of mine for the past 10 years. ¬†For some reason I just can’t find the motivation to study and shell out the ridiculous sum of money it costs. ¬†Looks like I’ll be continuing to work in KY for a while.

5. Kitchen/main floor remodel РCheck!  This was my biggest home goal of 2016, and we are still so incredibly happy with the results.  New flooring, painted cabinets, and removing a column and half wall.  It made such a huge difference in the feel of our main living space.

6. Start a blog- Check! (Thanks for reading!)

Now for this year’s goals…

2017 Goals

  1.  Host a small group: We have been fortunate enough to be a part of several small groups/bible studies throughout the years.  This year we are really feeling the call to open up our home to lead and host a group.  We are already signed up and will be starting later this month.  We are excited to see how it goes.

2. Go to bed earlier: ¬†Since my day’s of night shift are over, I need to start getting more sleep. ¬†It is so easy to let Netflix start that next episode. ¬†Just me?

3. Home goals: Our main goal for our home this year is the basement.  We are ready to give it a little refresh.  This is the sad state it is in at the moment.

I am hoping to bring in a much lighter color to brighten things up.  Rip out the built-ins and move the TV to another wall in order to completely re-orient the room.  A large new sectional is also on the wish list.

I also plan to give this old piano a face lift with a fun coat of paint.

In addition to the basement, I am determined to rip up the carpet on the stairs. ¬†It’s in sad shape and is the first thing you see when you walk in the house. ¬†I would love wooden treads with white risers. ¬†I’m thinking this is definitely a DIY project we can take on.

4. More dates: Last year I was very intentional with making time for my girlfriends.  This year I want to make date nights a priority.  With the craziness of work and family life, I think this needs to be a focus this year.

5. ¬†Be on time for church: Yes, this is a problem area for us. ¬†We are habitually 5 minutes late for church. ¬† ¬†We just can’t seem to calculate the absurd amount of time it takes to get everyone checked into their respective classes and make it to our seats. ¬†This year, that will change. ¬†We will be on time! ¬†Maybe.

6. Blog goals: I have several blog related goals this year including different types of posts about family, food and travel, a home tour (not because I think it’s exceptional, but to document for memories), guest posts, and other fun things such as #everydayelsbury2017 and What I (really) Wore.

Here’s to goals and a wonderful 2017. ¬†I can’t wait to see where it takes us and what the year has in store. ¬†I have a feeling, it’s going to be a big one.

Linking up with Erika and Shay for Working It Wednesdays.  Bring it on 2017!

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Questions and Answers with Anderson on his SIXTH Birthday

Our Little Man turned SIX YEARS OLD over the weekend. ¬†How is that possible? ¬†To commemorate this milestone I sat down and asked him a few questions. ¬†These are his exact answers, italics are my additions ūüôā

Birthday Questionnaire: 

What are your nicknames?

And (I’ve never heard anyone call him this. ¬†Ha!), Little Man, Booger Butt

How old are you?


What is your favorite color?

lime green (hmmm, his favorite color has always been orange?)

Favorite animal?


Favorite book?

The Book with No Pictures

Iggy Peck, Architect

Favorite TV show?

Teen Titans Go¬†(funny because I don’t let them watch this anymore)

Image result for teen titans go

Favorite movie?


Image result for sing movie

Spiderman (for the record, he has never seen a Spiderman movie.  Apparently he wants to though!)

Favorite song?

Uptown Funky Wunk¬†(yes, that’s what he said! ¬†We listen to the Kids Bop version of most of their favorite songs.)

Favorite food?


Favorite drink?

Big Red (another thing we do not allow but he always tried to sneak a drink!)

Favorite breakfast food?


Favorite snack?

Cheez Its

Favorite outfit?


Favorite game?

video game basketball¬†(we don’t have this but he just started asking for a NCAA basketball game for Xbox)

Favorite toy?


Who is your best friend?

Cash¬†(his best friend for most of his life just moved away, so I’m glad to hear he is branching out)

Favorite thing to do?

play outside

Favorite thing to do outside?

play with my remote control truck

Favorite holiday?


What do you like to take to be with you at night?

Micky, Olaf, Panda, Bear, Stitch

Favorite place to go?

Disney World

Favorite restaurant?

Red Robin

Favorite superhero?


Where do you want to go on vacation?

St. Louis (we just happen to be going there this weekend;)

What do you want to be when you grow up?


What did you do on your birthday?

Had pancakes, Went to Topp’t with Nana and Papaw Mike, had a basketball game, played on my ipad, went to Red Robin, went bowling with and Mimi and DudDud¬†(notice how much he mentioned food??)

Bonus question that he insisted on me asking: What is your favorite Chinese dish?

my chicken¬†(he has recently become obsessed with Sweet and Sour chicken and he calls it “my chicken”. ¬†So adorable!)

Happy birthday, Little Man!  You are funny, competitive, daring and delightful.  We are excited to see the boy you are growing up to be.  We love you!

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We’re baaaaack!!! Beginning in 2014 I decided to try to document one moment of our day each day for a year. ¬†I tried to focus on the good, the positive, and the little moments. ¬†Thus meganeveryday was born. ¬†After #meganeveryday2014 and #meganeveryday2015 we took a break in 2016. It was a lot of photos to keep up with! But per request from the boys we are back in 2017 with our daily photos and a new, more fitting hashtag (it was never about Megan anyway ūüėČ). Here’s to making memories in ’17!

Roller skating with friends on the last day of break. Owen had to sit this one out due to his arm, but guess who skated circles around us all? Quinn.

First visit from the Tooth Fairy and very excited about his dollar gold coin!

When your big brother dumps the entire bottle of body wash into the bathtub.

Out of school for the first snow day of the year. As you can see, we like to play fast and loose with the term “snow day” here in Kentuckiana.

Last dinner as a five year old.

Happy birthday, Anderson!!!

Warm laundry fresh out of the dryer is hard to resist.

I encourage you to find a bright spot in each of your days. #everydayelsbury2017

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Friday Favorites

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites of 2017! ¬†Over the past week we have finished our last Christmas celebrations, returned back to school after break, and had our first snow day. ¬† ¬†It’s been a full week.

Indianapolis Children’s Museum and Greenfield Christmas

Last weekend we packed up and headed to Indianapolis to celebrate Christmas with Shane’s family. ¬†We decided to make a little stop the Indianapolis Children’s Museum on the way. ¬†We have a season pass so we like to pop in when we are in town. ¬†It was PACKED and when we first got there I wanted to leave. ¬†But after a short time the crowd started to thin and we ended up having a great time.

The Doc McStuffins exhibit was a hit with our Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

The girls rode the carousel.

And the boys did the big slide.

Afterwards we headed to Greenfield to celebrate with Shane’s family. ¬†I’m sad to say in the two days we were there I somehow¬†only took this one picture of Nana reading. ¬†But the boys had a great time playing with cousins and we ended the season on a high note.

Roller Skating

On Monday friends asked if we were interested in going roller skating with them.  We are never a family to say no to an outing, so we loaded up into the car and headed to the roller rink.  It was the first time skating for the kids and my first time on skates in 25 years.

It took Anderson a while to warm up and he started out extremely frustrated, but after getting his skate trainer he was off and loving it.  He has already asked to go back.

Owen couldn’t skate because of his broken arm, but he was a good sport and just hung out and watched us all wobble around the rink. ¬†He served as our official roller rink photographer.

This girl is a roller skating natural. ¬†She took off immediately with her skate trainer. ¬†After a few lap around she decided she didn’t need it and was off on her own. ¬†She wouldn’t let any of us any where near her. ¬†Little miss independent. ¬†Maybe she has a future in roller derby??? ¬†I was convinced she was going to get run over by a 200 pound man, but miraculously we all left unscathed and worn out from a fun afternoon.

Rechargeable Batteries

Christmas means lots of new toys around here.  New toys need tons of new batteries.  I am so thankful that we invested in a lot of rechargeable batteries a few years ago.  We have tried a couple of brands but we like the eneloop ones the best.

I’m pretty sure I have changed at least a hundred batteries in the past week. ¬†Rechargeables are a life saver. ¬†I just have to remember to remove the batteries before we get rid of or donate toys.

Tooth Fairy

I was at a friend’s house on Monday watching the Bachelor premiere (woot! woot!) when I received a text that Anderson had lost his first tooth. ¬†He is so excited and was stoked to receive a dollar gold coin from the tooth fairy. ¬†We love our tooth fairy pillow that hangs on the door because everyone finds the idea of her reaching under your pillow while you are sleeping a little bit creepy. ¬†Ha!

Who Tooted

So with an 8 and 5 year old boy, there is plenty of poop and toot talk around here. ¬†For Christmas they received the board game Who Tooted?. ¬†Let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone. ¬†But their faces tell it all. ¬†It was a definitely a hit.

Snow Day

Early in the week it was 70 degrees and on Thursday we had our first snow day.  In reality there was just a dusting of snow, but the roads were slick in the morning so no school.

Yay for snow! ¬†We learned that Quinn calls snow “snowman”. ¬†She kept asking to play in the snowman. ¬†It was so cute.

They didn’t let a lack of snow slow them down. ¬†Did you know you can sled the snow right off of your yard??

Some how Anderson’s boot AND sock kept coming off. ¬†How does that happen?

She spent the entire time throwing snow at me.  Apparently it was hilarious.

New Pics of Q

I love connecting with other adoptive families and have been fortunate enough to find several families of other kiddos from Quinn’s foster facility in China. ¬†This week we were lucky to get two more pics of Quinn from her time in China from another family. ¬†Since we missed ¬†out on the first 22 months, every glimpse we have is a treasure.

Q is in the front row, second from the left in the pink.

Front an center with the yellow sleeves.  Look at all of those cuties.  I love that I know that several of these children are home with their forever families.

That’s it for this week. ¬†If you missed it, make sure you check out my What I (really) Wore Wednesday post from this week. ¬†I’m excited to start this new series. ¬†You can also keep up with us on Instagram as we are bringing back our daily pictures in 2017 with a new hashtag #everydayelsbury2017.

As usual I’m linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci.

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