Show and Tell Tuesday: What’s On My Phone

Today for Show On Tell Tuesday I am sharing what’s on my iPhone.  These days our phones are an extension of ourselves.  I feel naked without my phone!

Here is a shot of my main screen and all of my go-to apps to have easily accessible.

It should be noted here that before I took this screen shot I removed about eight million notifications (looks like Instagram snuck one in on me).  I knew that if I posted a pic of how my screen typically looks it would have made Shane’s eye twitch!  Some people need a clear phone, and some people don’t pay those little numbers any attention.  I happen to fall into the later group.  Just last week I had over 7,000 unread emails.  Yikes!

Like most people I constantly reach for my phone to take a quick pic (current count is 4,012 photos on my phone).  My current favorite photo editing app is A Color Story.  It’s free!

Instead of listening to music I most often listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

I love listening to audiobooks and the Audible app gets a lot of use.

I’m currently listening to The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane and I have to say that I am finding it absolutely fascinating.  I downloaded it after asking a friend what she recently picked up at the book store.  I’m so glad I took her recommendation.

Podcasts are also on heavy rotation.

From podcasts produced by NPR, to home decor podcasts, to Bachelorette recaps; I listen to a bit of it all.  What podcasts do you love?

Another favorite is the Kindle app.  While I love holding a good book in my hand, the convenience of always having my current read at my fingertips usually wins out.  I don’t have a lot of extra time in my life right now, but I’m able to steal a few minutes hear and there.  Those little bits of time typically add up to a few books over a month.

I just started The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and I am already hooked.  Taylor Jenkins Reid is quickly becoming a favorite.

And finally, this is may just be my favorite app find.  For years and years I was a die-hard paper planner gal.  I tried numerous calendar apps on my phone only to toss them aside after a week.  I hated them all and loved the satisfaction of a well organized planner.  A friend who loved her planner as much as I did said she had finally found a calendar app that lived up to all of her calendar needs.  So I gave it a try and I was converted.  I finally found a calendar app I love!  It’s the PocketLife Calendar app.

I love that each person in the family can be assigned a color, you can see each event (not just a dot on a calendar), it’s easy to set up reoccurring events, it’s easy to switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views.  Overall, the best calendar I have found that works for us.

Other go-to apps include social media (obviously), drug information apps (#pharmacistlife), the Bible app (how fortunate are we to carry the Bible around in our pocket?), and of course the Target Cartwheel app. Am I the only one that scans every single item in my cart while my kids run up and down the toy aisles?

There are pages and pages of additional apps on my phone, but these are my must-have for daily life.  What are your go-to apps for your phone?

Until next time!

Show and Tell Tuesday: A Peek Inside Our Home

In January I shared that one of my goals for the year was to include a home tour on this little bloggity blog.  Well, that was before I knew I would be spending months chasing adoption paperwork so the home tour has been put on the back burner.  Instead I decided to share a little home tour preview today.

There is nothing I love more than peeking through other’s homes.  We have been working hard on some changes around here and I want to take a moment to brag on the hubby.  When I have a vision of some crazy home project he always comes through and makes my vision a reality.  He’s like my very own Chip Gaines, but with less hair 😉

The Boys’ Room

With Collins coming home soon, it was time to move Anderson into Owen’s room.  A shared room deserved a mini-makeover.  We are still working on the finishing touches, but the focal point is by far the amazing wood wall and reading lights Shane installed.

I’m telling you, he’s good.

A Room for Collins

Next up we are changing Anderson’s old room into a room fit for our new Peanut.  It is also still a work in progress, but today you get a sneak peak.

Q’s Bedroom

Master Bedroom

You know what I’m learning here?  I have a serious pillow problem


I’ve shared our kitchen face-lift before, but I’m still amazed at what some white paint and new flooring can do.

Living Room

I recently added this little table to an unused corner of the living room and I’m excited to see how it works as a place to store all of Q’s art and craft supplies.

Dining Room

For Mother’s Day they surprised me with the piece on my dining room table.  I have been eyeing it ever since visiting Magnolia Market.

In a house with very little wall space, simple spray painted cubbies to stash homework and a bucket to catch shoes make for a great landing zone right inside the garage door.  Even if it is in the dining room.

Powder Room

I’m a firm believer in having your powder room make a statement.  Bye bye old dark paisley wall paper.  Hello bright pink!

If you visit, make sure you sign the bathroom guestbook .  (Yes, it’s a real thing.)

Front Porch Sittin’

Back Porch Living

We bought this house because we fell in love with the back porch.

A Basement in progress

Prior to deciding to add to our family again through adoption this year, the basement was number one on our project list.  Shane managed to ship-lap the TV wall, but the rest of the project is currently on hold until we get Collins home.

The well loved piano will be receiving a fresh coat of paint.  What color should it be???


If only it always looked this way…

That’s it for a peek inside our home.  In case you missed it, make sure you check out the adorable shirts we are selling for our current adoption fundraiser.

BE THE LIGHT and help bring Collins home.

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Show and Tell Tuesday: The Struggle Is Real

The struggle is real.  We’ve all said it.  From the little things to the big, we are all struggling with something.  Here are a few of the not so serious (and one serious) thing I’ve found myself struggling with lately.

Funny story, I originally wrote and scheduled this post for last Tuesday.  Apparently I was a complete week off on my dates.  Clearly if I don’t even know what day it is…the struggle is real 🙂

A swimsuit for Q’s teeny tiny toosh

Quinn has a problem I have never struggled with.  She is long and thin.  I’m talking she is almost 4 and can easily wear 24 month shorts.  Her waist is tiny.  Her booty is tiny.  Her legs are toothpicks.  But she also has a fairly long torso.  This has made finding a swimsuit for her this year near impossible.  All of her suits gape obscenely at the leg openings.  She prefers a tankini for ease of using the bathroom but will not tolerate any smidge of belly showing between a too short top and bottoms.  One pieces that are long enough are huge in the rear.  Last week as we were walking back from the pool she walked half way down the block before I looked back and realized her bottoms were around her ankles.  Where do you get a swimsuit for a skinny legged 4 year old?  The struggle is real.

House projects

I constantly have a long list of house projects on my to-do list.  Lately, I just can’t seem to get any of them done.  We need to combine the boys into one room.  Change Anderson’s current room into a room fit for Collins.  Finish a half-completed basement refresh.  The list goes on.  Shane scored this vintage Jenny Lind bed on Craigslist for me to paint for Collins.

Clearly I haven’t even started on it yet.  Before I know it we will be in China and the little gal will need a room to come home to. The struggle is real.

Finger nails

Am I the only mom that will glance down and be horrified to realize her kid’s toenails look like they haven’t been cut in weeks?  Just me?  Between fingers and toes there are a lot of nails to keep up with in this house.  The struggle is real.

TBR pile

My “to be read” list is ever growing.  We are getting ready to head out of town to visit friends and I’m struggling with choosing what to read on the trip.

My current top contenders are:

At Home in the World

The Turquoise Table: Finding Community and Connection in Your Own Front Yard

The Mother’s Promise

Daughters of the Bride

The struggle is real.

Vehicle for a family of SIX

It’s no secret that I LOVE my minivan.  I think every family should have one (or two).  When Collins joins our family later this year we will become a family of six and officially will no longer fit in Shane’s beloved little blue car.

As much as it saddens him, I’m pretty sure he considers that car a member of our family, it will be time for it to find a new home.  I vote for getting another van, but Shane has exerted his veto power with a strong NO.  So we we are looking for an SUV with a third row that easily fits the 6 of us and frequently 8 with Mimi and DudDud.  It also must fit in the garage, be easy to access the third row, and satisfy my “car guy” hubby.  The struggle is real.  Suggestions???


Here’s where I get real for a moment.  While over the past two years we have watched Quinn blossom and bloom, parenting a child with a background of loss and trauma is not without difficulties.  Lately we have recognized some struggles with Quinn, her attachment, and how she copes with stress and anxiety.  It has taken me a while to admit it, but I finally acknowledged that it was time to see a therapist well versed in attachment and parenting children from hard places.  We felt this was especially important to do before we add Collins to the mix and turn Q’s world upside down once again.  We have only been once and I will admit that I was very skeptical.  But she made me feel at ease, assured us that the techniques we were currently using to diffuse her tantrums were appropriate, and felt confident that we can get Quinn to a place that is healthy for both her and the rest of our family through theraplay.  I’m a pretty open book so I don’t mind sharing these struggles.  Parenting any child is tough and adding adoption is an extra layer to wade through.  The struggle is real…but worth it.

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.  In case you missed it, make sure you check out the adorable shirts we are selling for our current adoption fundraiser.

BE THE LIGHT and help bring Collins home.  Until next time!


Show and Tell Tuesday: Throwback to Prom

Springtime means limos, fancy dresses, and awkward teenage boys in tuxes.  Yep, it’s prom season!  When I saw that today’s Show and Tell Tuesday theme was prom photos, I decided to shoot my mom a quick text to see if she could unearth some prom pics for me to share.

I went to both my junior and senior proms with the the boy I dated all through high school.  When I asked mom for a couple of photos I expected the typical standing in the front yard in front of the limo with your prom date pic.  Somehow however, the three photos she found include my girlfriends instead of a boy.  I can say that 20 years later these gals are still important to me.

{Junior year prom-1997}

I loved that red dress.  And going to prom with my bestie.  Why is riding to prom in a limo a right of passage???

Dear seventeen year old Megan, I would like those arms and shoulder back 😉

{Senior year prom-1998}

I still get to spend my Friday nights with this pretty lady.  And for that I am so thankful.  Lennea, you still look exactly the same!

{Shane-aka Prom King}

Look at that handsome fella!  I didn’t feel as if I should post his date’s photo on my little corner of the internet without her permission, but I just had to share this gem of a photo.

{Mom and Dad}

And for fun I had mom send me a couple of her prom pics.

Yes, that is my mom and dad at my mom’s high school prom.  For years this photo was framed in our basement and I always thought my dad was sporting a crazy hairdo.  Years later did I realize that it wasn’t his hair, but a moon shape on the wall behind him.  Ha!

That’s my short and sweet trip down prom memory lane.  I can’t believe one day we will be sending our four babies to prom.

P.S. If you are interested in supporting our adoption and helping us bring Peanut home, feel free to do your Amazon shopping through our blog affiliate link. It costs you no additional charge and we will earn a small portion of your purchase in commission. All earnings will go into our adoption fund to bring Peanut home. Thank you for supporting our family!

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Show and Tell Tuesday: Embarrassing Moments

When I looked on my calendar to see that Andrea had picked embarrassing moments as this week’s Show and Tell Tuesday topic, a specific story immediately came to mind.  It is the story I always tell when asked for my most embarrassing moment.  While it happened over twenty years ago, for some reason it is still emblazoned in my memory.  I was initially hesitant to share it here today.  Why?  Because it’s a story about tampons.  Not exactly a topic I usually like to write about for the entire internet to see.  But I’m putting on my big girl britches and here we go…

Picture this.  I was a shy sophomore girl playing on the high school golf team.  One afternoon we were playing a match against the local Catholic high school.  I was paired up with a gal from the opposing team that I knew a little bit as we had similar social circles.  Super nice gal but she was a significantly better golfer than I was.  Her father also just so happened to be a pro golfer that has played on the PGA tour and we were currently playing said match on his golf course.  It was a lot of pressure.

So here we are playing our round when I have the sudden realization that my monthly visitor had just paid an unexpected visit.  (We all know that feeling, don’t we girls?)  After digging through my golf bag for the necessary supplies I came up empty handed.  So I casually asked the other girl if she happened to have anything in her bag.  Right at that exact moment her dad pulled up in a golf cart and she yelled ACROSS THE FAIRWAY “Hey Dad!  Megan just started her period can you go get her a tampon?”.  Cue my embarrassment.

Oh, but it gets better.

A few minutes later he comes racing across the course in his golf cart, tampon held aloft in the air like a talisman.  He hands it to me, takes one look at my beet red face and says “Sh#% happens sweetheart”.  I died a little inside and ran off to the restroom.

When I returned, still embarrassed, I proceeded to knock not one, but two shots into the water that runs along the right side of the fairway.  All with the tampon wielding pro golfer looking on.

And that folks, is how to embarrass a teenage girl.

Well, that was a fun trip down memory lane.  Ha!  See you back tomorrow for What’s on My Bookshelf with what I read in February.

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Show and Tell Tuesday: My Loves

In honor of Valentine’s day I am linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday for a quick blog introduction of my loves.

The Hubby

We first met during our senior year in high school when we were each visiting Butler for a college visit but it wasn’t until our freshman year of college when my girlfriends and I began to harass the shy boy in our physics class.  After many non-date dates we officially went on our first date on April 23, 1999.  Five years and one day later we were married.  Now after almost 13 years of marriage and 3 (almost 4-yikes!) kids, I still love to spend my days harassing that boy.

Shane is the calm to my storm, can make all of my home improvement project ideas a reality, loves to scour the internet for a random deal, and can read a mean bedtime story.  When I met that random boy sitting on a bunk as a senior in high school I had no idea twenty years later he would still be the man of my dreams.

I love you babe!

The Firstborn

The one who made us a family and made me a mom.  Looking at Owen, is not just like looking into a mirror.  It’s like looking into a magnifying glass.  He has all of my personality traits and quirks and takes them to a whole new level.

His love of cars has been going strong since he could first pick up a toy.  Whether it is building a Hot Wheels track or walking around a classic car show, this boy is in love with all things car related.  Lately he constantly has a book in his hand and his love of reading makes me so proud.

The Middle Child

If I had to describe Anderson in one word it would be delightful.  This boy is an absolute joy to be around.  He is funny, sweet and helpful.  He also has the most incredible competitive spirit and can turn any task into a race.

He would be happy to spend his days on his bike or scooter and loves to play outside.  We are so enjoying watching him evolve into a big kid.

The Princess

In the last 20 months we have watched this little gal go from a scared and shut down toddler to a headstrong little firecracker.  She is independent, and stubborn and while these personality traits can make parenting difficult, they are going to serve her well as an adult.  This little lady is going to be unstoppable.

She loves all things girly and her current obsessions include lipstick and nail polish.  She is by far my biggest animal lover and I have no doubt she will one day team up with her brother to try to talk her mama into getting a dog.  Spoiler alert: not happening 😉

After 7 years of being a boy mom, she brought some sparkle to the team.  I am so thankful I get to be her mom.

The Peanut

And even though we have yet to meet, this list would not be complete without our little Peanut.

While we can’t yet list her likes or dislikes, she already has a part of our hearts.  It will be months until we get to hold her in our arms, yet we have no doubt that God has chosen us to be a family.

We look forward to completing our six pack.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Show and Tell Tuesday: Steal vs Splurge

Kicking off this year’s Show and Tell Tuesdays link-up with Steal vs. Splurge.  What our family saves on and what we feel is worth the splurge.

I would say the main theme of how our family approaches what to save on and and when we choose to splurge can easily be summarized by this:

We like to save on the little things day to day, so we can splurge on the big things that count.

A few ways we choose to SAVE:

  1. Make coffee at home

I shared my coffee rule on my #everydayelsbury2017 post yesterday, but I’ll mention it again.  I limit myself to buying coffee shop coffee to only on the days I get my hair cut/colored.

Not only do I save myself $5 each day by making my own coffee at home, but I’m also saving on a lot of extra calories!

2. Pack lunches

Each night both Shane and I pack lunches for work and the boys each pack their lunch for school. (We love these insulated cups for school and these reusable containers for the kids.)  Eating out for lunch at work every day can add up to an insane amount of money each month.  We skip it and pack our own.

3.  Beauty

There are some beauty products that I don’t believe you should skip on (hello good skin care!) but I am not a gal to go to a nail salon.  About twice a year I get a pedicure with a friend but otherwise it’s mani/pedis at home.  My favorite combo is this neutral polish with this quick dry top coat for every day wear and if I need a manicure to last I’m still loving this at home gel system.

4. Snacks

Everywhere we go I always pack snacks along.  If someone is hungry we don’t need to swing thru a drive-thru or hit up the snack section in a store.  And don’t even get me started with the insanely priced snacks at places like the zoo or museum.  This mama is always ready with snacks from home to save a few extra dollars.

How we choose to SPLURGE:

  1. Vacations

As I said before, we tend to choose experiences over things for our kids.  We love travel and vacations and want to make it a priority for our family.  So we try to make good choices in our daily life so we can later do fun things like vacations.

2. Entertainment

Museums, movies, shows, sporting events.  We love these fun family activities.  And do not even ask me to go to a movie and not buy popcorn.  Not going to happen!  (But I will sneak candy and drinks in my purse for the kids 🙂

3. Home

Our home is our space in the world.  We love doing home projects and making our home our own.  This is an area where we often splurge.  When choosing a tile that we will have to live with for years to come, we want to choose the one that we absolutely love.

We live in our home every day, so we choose to make an investment in our space and the place we are choosing to raise our family.

What a fun topic!  How does your family choose to save and to splurge?  I’d love to hear!

Show and Tell Tuesday: Christmas Traditions and Recipes

Today for Show and Tell Tuesday I’m linking up to share some of my favorite Christmas traditions and a couple of favorite recipes.  Some of these activities I’ve already shared this year and some I have not.  These are all things we love to incorporate into our holiday season.  We usually fit most of them in but sometimes there is an activity or two that has to wait until next Christmas.  Either way each tradition is special and meaningul to us.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

This is one of my favorite traditions.  Every year on Christmas Eve night my dad has read The Night Before Christmas to me.  Now story time includes the my kids.  Our book is 30+ year old and tiny and falling apart, so a couple of years ago we got a recordable book version as well so we can record DudDud reading the story.

(that is some serious eyeshadow I was sporting that year)

Visit Santa

All about our visit with the big guy here.

Charlestown square

We love meeting friends and strolling around to check out the lights in Charlestown.

Lights under Louisville

Every year Yanni and Sarah take the kids to the megacavern for Lights Under Louisville.  This tradition also somehow always involves a child that desparately needs to use the bathroom while waiting in line, so the travel potty in the van is a must for this outing.

Neighborhood lights

We love to take an evening and drive around looking at Christmas lights (apparently we REALLY like light traditions).  Hot chocolate/coffee are required and we have to get out of the car and take a picture in front of our favorite house.

Gingeread houses

I shared all about our gingerbread houses and why I’m a fan of the prebuilt ones here.

Carriage ride/caroling

Since I was in middle school we have had a tradition of taking a carriage ride through downtown Louisville and caroling (complete with song books!) with our dear friends the Daltons.


Our Christmas cookies.  Always simple.  Always the same.  Our tradition.

Christmas movies

We don’t often sit down to watch a movie as a family, but during the Christmas season it is a favorite evening activity.  Bet you can’t guess what movie we were watching here.

Christmas jammies

Every year requires fun Christmas pj’s.

Polar express

We are hoping to make the trip to French Lick for the Polar Express an annual event.  If only I can remember to buy tickets early enough…

And finally, I am sharing two of my favorite recipes that I make only during the holidays.

Lump cookies

Lump cookies, or no bake cookies to the rest of the world, are probably my second favorite food.  Just behind popcorn.  But for some reason whenever anyone else makes them they are always dry and super disappointing.  The key to them not being dry is to boil them for EXACTLY one minute.  Not more, not less.  We always leave lump cookies for Santa.

Lump Cookies

2 cup sugar

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup cocoa (I prefer the Hershey’s special dark cocoa)

put above ingredients in a pan. Bring to a boil and boil for EXACTLY ONE MINUTE.  Set a timer.

in another bowl combine:

1 cup peanut butter

3 cup oatmeal (old fashioned oats, not quick oats)

1 teaspoon vanilla

Pour boiling ingredients over bowl and mix.

Drop spoonfuls onto wax paper lined cookie sheets and refrigerate until set.

Peanut Butter Pie

Another holiday favorite is super easy peanut butter pie

Peanut Butter Pie

1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese

1 cup peanut butter

3/4 cup powdered sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla

8 oz cool whip

combine all ingredients in mixer and mix.  Spoon into pie crust and freeze overnight.

Oreo Pie Crust

24 Oreo cookies (crumbled in food processor)

3 Tablespoons sugar

3 Tablespoons melted butter

mix ingredients together and press into pie pan.

Looking forward to continuing these traditions and incorporating new ones.  Merry Christmas!

Show and Tell Tuesday: Christmas Decorations

Today for Show and Tell Tuesday I’m sharing a few touches of Christmas around our home.

Last week I posted about putting up the tree and making an easy no-sew tree skirt.  We love our mismatched memory filled tree.

One of my favorite ways to make things festive is to switch out pillows throughout the house for holiday pillow.  These chevron and reindeer ones are a favorite.

And this “peace” pillow is the perfect little addition to the bench in our entry way.

We have lots of holiday pillows sprinkled throughout the house.  I typically pick up a couple each year after Christmas as Target.  This year I have been eyeing these for the boys’ rooms and these for Quinn’s.  And I’m seriously considering jumping on the christmas sheets bandwagon.

We received this nativity as a wedding gift.  It is made of tin and different than any other nativity I have seen.  I love that it is so unique.


Plus the pieces are small and light and don’t break if someone decides to move them around. We also love the Little People nativity for the kids to play with. It is a great way to remember the true reason for the season.

The mantle contains our collection of Santa visit photos.  There is one from each year since Owen was born.  The collection will soon outgrow the mantle and will need to find a new place to be displayed.

Rather than hanging our stockings on the mantle we hang them higher on the shelves.  It was too easy for someone to tug on a stocking and the hanger to come crashing down on their head.  We may have learned that the hard way.  We love our stockings and that we have been able to add to our collection as our family has grown.

Another Christmas decoration that holds meaning for me is this Christmas tree made out of my great aunt’s jewelry.

I shared yesterday about how I use all of our previous year’s cards by using them for contact photos on my phone and my kids favorite, displaying them in a basket to look through.


In addition to our main tree, each kid has a small tree in their room (decorated solely by them) and we have a tree in the basement.

We also have little touches on the front and back porches including this little vintage Pepsi carton wagon filled with extra ornaments.

Finally, my entire life I had always wanted a house decorated with white lights at Christmas.  Nothing over the top, just something festive to welcome friends and family. My husband is awesome and climbs onto the roof each year to make those dreams come true.

img_6949Those were just a few glimpses around our home of our Christmas decor.  I am on the hunt for a new main Christmas tree for next year.  Hopefully I will find the perfect one.  What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations?  Do you lean toward new decor or sentimintal ones?  Let me know in the comments!


Show and Tell Tuesday: Want, Need, Wear, Read

When I saw that Andrea was doing “want, need, wear, read” for this month’s Show and Tell Tuesday I thought it would be fun to play along.  In case you aren’t familiar there has been a huge movement going around in families in which you give four gifts for Christmas.  Something the person WANTS.  Something the person NEEDS.  Something the person WEARS.  And something the person READS.  While we have not yet adopted this tradition for our family, I think it is a great way to be intentional in your gift giving while reigning in the excess that can easily happen on Christmas morning.

Today I am sharing what would be on my wish list for want/need/wear/read:


This sounds so old of me, but I really want new flatware.  Our silverware is 12 1/2 years old and not only have several of the forks and spoons gone missing (I’m looking at you Quinn.  Quit throwing them in the trashcan!) but they are starting to get some rust-like spots in some areas.  We are frequently out of clean spoons and small forks by the end of the day.  The problem is that I don’t want to spend money on new silverware and it’s something I feel like is a huge commitment.  I’m picky!  They can’t be too heavy or too light, not too big, but not too cheap feeling.  The struggle is real.  I cant decide if I just want to add more to my current flatware.

Or change to something new.


New tennis shoes.  I tend to wear the same pair of shoes to not only work out in every day but also to work.  I’m going to be honest with you, my current ones seriously stink.  Like smell so awful I swear I can sometimes smell them when I’m wearing them.  So I just ordered a new pair, but it’s time to admit that I need to own more than one at a time.

I love these and have ordered them over and over

But I have an eye on something like this possibly for my non-workout shoe


What I truly want is an apple watch for Christmas.  But that seems entirely too excessive.  I say it would be nice to wear it to receive texts and calls and always be available if there is an emergency with one of the kids because I’m terrible about hearing my phone.  But really I just think it seems like a fun and useful gadget.  Plus look at that fun rose gold face with a lavender band.

Since the apple watch feels to extravagant for a “wear” item, I have also been wanting a nicer/more expensive pair of jeans.  I have been eyeing these but haven’t yet pushed purchase.


Last year at Christmas I read Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter Street.  It was a great holiday season read.  Plus I love all of her books.

This year I would love to read the other two in the Trilogy.  Winter Stroll and Winter Storms.

Well that’s my want/need/wear/read for this year.  I’m not actually expecting any of them under the tree this year.  Shane and I will likely forgo gifts in exchange for a house project.  The basement is next on my list.

For fun here are a couple of items on the kids lists this year:

Want: Hot Wheels A.I. Intelligent Race System Starter Kit.  This seems to be the boys number one request.

And Quinn can’t stop talking about wanting a Peppa Pig toy.  She doesn’t even watch the show!

Need:  Quinn really needs some new jammies.  These are adorable.

Wear: Owen has really been wanting some slides since the spring, but somehow I keep forgetting.

Read: Owen has desperately been in need of a new book series to read.  That boy constantly has a book in his hand and we are having a hard time keeping new titles in the house.  Just today he got the first five Captain Awesome books and is already halfway thru the first one.

We are also considering the I Survived series

Who Was series

and the Kidsboro series along with several others.

Please leave a comment with any other book suggestions you might have!