Magnolia Market

We’re back today for Friday Favorites with part three of our spring break trip to San Antonio and one of my FAVORITE adventures from our vacation.  Our trip to the silos and Magnolia Market!

Day Five

Like a lot of the gals I know I’m a huge HGTV and Fixer Upper fan.  So after a great week exploring all of the family friendly activities in San Antonio, we had a day for mama and loaded up the rental van for a road trip to Waco, TX.

The kids were pleasantly surprised to arrive and find the lawn full of balls, frisbees and other fun activities for some outdoor play time.

A very serious game of corn hole ensued.

And then sister took off with the bean bags.

Somehow it turned into a game of chase.

After spending some time playing on the lawn we decided to check out the food trucks for some lunch.  The lines were pretty long, but the food smelled so good.

We landed on some yummy bar-b-que.

While Shane stood in line for food, there was a rare moment of sibling cooperation with some adorable swinging.

Look mom!  We’re sharing!

There are a ton of picnic tables around, but it was very busy due to the lunch time crowd.  So we decided to have a little picnic on the lawn. (I think it is worth noting that Anderson is drinking a rootbeer 😉 )

They have these fun chairs sprinkled around.  Somehow little miss snagged the chair.

With lunch finished we took a few pics in front of the famous silos.  I would love to know the number of photos taken at this place each day.

Finally it was time to head inside and do a little shopping.  I love all the men in the background sitting on benches while the women are inside shopping.

Look!  My name on a place card.  It’s like JoJo knew I was coming in today.

This was my favorite corner of he store.  I love the tile, the scale, everything about this little space.

Since we were flying home and I’m currently saving up for adoption expenses, we just left with a couple of small items.  If you purchase anything large, there is a FedEx shipping desk right in the store.  Aren’t the shopping bags fun?

While I was shopping Little Man was outside relaxing.

And Quinn was swinging.

Next we wandered over to Magnolia Seed and Supply.

They had a tub full of baby chicks for sale that belonged to the Gaines’ daughters.

A nice lady that had just purchased some chicks let us hold them.  I thought I might be buying her a new one when Quinn suddenly launched her chick across the yard.  Thankfully, baby chick seemed to be ok and the kind lady didn’t seem to mind my less than gentle three year old.

After lunch time, the crowd really thinned out and there were much less people around.

Can you believe that before this trip Mimi had never heard of Fixer Upper or Chip and Joanna????  Apparently I have failed as a daughter.  So in preparation, she read The Magnolia Story (which I happened to have on my kindle app) and we watched two episodes of Fixer Upper on my iPad in the hotel before we headed to Waco at the end of the week.  She is now a Fixer Upper convert 🙂

DudDud wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed back for the day.  I have a feeling he wouldn’t have been as impressed by my day of fandom anyway.  Ha!  But we made sure to remember him on our next stop…The Silos Baking Co.

Yes, that is the line around the building to get in.  While the crowds were significantly smaller in the late afternoon, apparently everyone was ready for an afternoon sugar high.

Thankfully the line moved fairly quickly and soon it was our time to head inside.

Someone skipped nap (again) and was just ready for a cupcake.

While you wait in line you are given a menu card so you can make your selection, then when it is your turn you just hand your card to the cashier and they box up your order.

We took our cupcakes and headed out to a picnic table to enjoy our treat.  Notice that Owen has eaten almost his entire cupcake before I even took my first bite.  The carrot cake cupcake was delicious!

One final photo before loading back up into the van.  I was shocked that we ended up spending over five hours at the silos.  We had plans to visit some other shops and sites in town from Fixer Upper, but we really needed to be heading back to DudDud and San Antonio.

As we pulled out of the parking lot we turned in the opposite direction of how we had come in.  When I asked Shane where we were going he said he had looked up the address for Magnolia House and that it really wasn’t much out of our way to swing by.  And that, my friends, is why I love this man.

The sun was extremely bright and in a terrible location for photos, but the Magnolia House was so adorable.  There were guests staying inside that we could see through the windows.  Can you imagine hanging around on vacation and see random people pop out of their car to take photos of your house?

Another nice couple was also Magnolia stalking and offered to take our photo.

And that concluded my Fixer Upper fan day.  JoJo, call me!

If you are thinking of making a visit to the silos, here are a few things we learned:

  • Go early in the morning or late afternoon.  Around lunch time was the busiest.  (Although it was kind of fun to see a crowd and everyone was incredibly friendly.)
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen!  We spent several hours just simply hanging out on the lawn people watching and playing.  I was glad I had a small tube of sunscreen tucked away in my purse because I did not think about it ahead of time.
  • If you want to purchase a large item, you can ship it!  Or you can just order it online when you get home 🙂  It’s more about the experience than the actual merchandise in my opinion.
  • Don’t let the bakery line intimidate you.  Yes, the line was long but it moved quickly and the cupcakes were delish.
  • The town of Waco itself is not exactly picturesque.  It was strange to see these beautifully re-done buildings in a neighborhood that is not necessarily in the best shape.  I love that a couple like Chip and Joanna are trying to infuse some love into their home town.

Day Six

Our bags were packed, the rental van returned, and we made it to the airport for our flights home.

Here I need to say an enormous thank you to my mom and dad.  They are so very generous and treated us to this amazing trip.  We are so very thankful for them and that we get to experience such fun adventures with them.  Thank you Mimi and DudDud!!

That’s it for our spring break in Texas.  If you are looking for a family friendly vacation destination other than the beach, I would highly recommend it.

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