Meet The Fam


Wife. Mom. Daughter. Friend.  I’m a former night-shift pharmacist, recently turned day-walker.  I love organizing, exercising, books, reality TV, and am obsessed with all things purple.  I am passionate about my family and sharing our story.  I have goals to travel the world.  A good night is chatting with girlfriends over coffee or wine.  I am saved by grace and striving to find the light in the everyday.  Welcome to our little corner of the world!





First and foremost the most amazing husband and father the world over.  Car enthusiast, excellent cook and supporter of my crazy ideas.  He is laid back and calm to my high-strung crazy.  A day does not go by that I don’t thank God for this amazing man.





Always my early bird, he entered this world three weeks early.  He is up every morning before the sun and in true early bird fashion is non-stop talking and ready to tackle the day.  His love of vintage cars runs deep and he prefers golf to the basketball and baseball of his peers.  He is truly a sixty-five year old man at heart.  He loves music and singing and is the permanent house DJ.  He gets his personality from his mama.  I am so thankful that he made me a mom.




My daredevil. He can typically be found flying down the street on his bike or taking sharp turns on his electric scooter.  He radiates joy and is the funniest person I know.  Jumping off tables dressed as a superhero or playing with hot-wheels, he is truly a delight.  He is his daddy made over.  I could not be more proud of the boy he is becoming.




Born halfway around the world in Zheng Zhou, China, she joined our family forever in June of 2015.  She is a girly girl with a stubborn streak a mile long.  She is our animal lover and constant snacker.  She is quickly teaching me to be a girl mom after seven years with only boys.  She will rarely be seen without a giant bow.  It’s an honor being chosen as her mother, and I will be forever grateful.