Show and Tell Tuesday: Throwback to Prom

Springtime means limos, fancy dresses, and awkward teenage boys in tuxes.  Yep, it’s prom season!  When I saw that today’s Show and Tell Tuesday theme was prom photos, I decided to shoot my mom a quick text to see if she could unearth some prom pics for me to share.

I went to both my junior and senior proms with the the boy I dated all through high school.  When I asked mom for a couple of photos I expected the typical standing in the front yard in front of the limo with your prom date pic.  Somehow however, the three photos she found include my girlfriends instead of a boy.  I can say that 20 years later these gals are still important to me.

{Junior year prom-1997}

I loved that red dress.  And going to prom with my bestie.  Why is riding to prom in a limo a right of passage???

Dear seventeen year old Megan, I would like those arms and shoulder back 😉

{Senior year prom-1998}

I still get to spend my Friday nights with this pretty lady.  And for that I am so thankful.  Lennea, you still look exactly the same!

{Shane-aka Prom King}

Look at that handsome fella!  I didn’t feel as if I should post his date’s photo on my little corner of the internet without her permission, but I just had to share this gem of a photo.

{Mom and Dad}

And for fun I had mom send me a couple of her prom pics.

Yes, that is my mom and dad at my mom’s high school prom.  For years this photo was framed in our basement and I always thought my dad was sporting a crazy hairdo.  Years later did I realize that it wasn’t his hair, but a moon shape on the wall behind him.  Ha!

That’s my short and sweet trip down prom memory lane.  I can’t believe one day we will be sending our four babies to prom.

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6 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday: Throwback to Prom

    1. I love love loved that dress. It made an appearance at some college fraternity formals too. Now if I did a college formal post I would have approximately one thousand photos to share. Ha!

  1. Your red dress was so pretty! I love that your parents went to prom together and you have that photo! Dying that you thought the moon was his hairdo!!

  2. Thanks Megan! Love that photo! I actually had that dress until a few years ago when I realized I wouldn’t likely wear it again.

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